All You Need to Know about High Roller Bonus

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All You Need to Know about High Roller Bonus

Players who visit casinos, whether it is online or offline, can be segregated as per the amount of money they are willing to spend at a casino. In this aspect, you will find similarities between customers who visit online as well as offline casinos. Of course, it is easier for them to spend more money right away at offline casinos since they can choose games and start playing instantly. On the other hand, when it is an online casino, customers need to be registered before they can start spending. They are also curious about the reputation and reliability of a gambling domain. Hence, they need to be assured of these qualities before they can wager high values on the casino games.

Who Are High Rollers?

This term has been coined for customers of casinos who come with a large bankroll to spend. They are ready to roll large amounts of money on games, even those that are high-risk games. Hence, they are not shy from betting large, mainly because they hope that they will come across large wins soon enough that will more than offset their losses. 

Hence, features of high rollers are typically the following:

  • They are customers who are willing to spend large amounts of money on casino games.
  • They are ready to splurge on large bets on different casino games, in the hope of realizing good gains from them.
  • These are customers who often directly sign up for VIP programs at casino sites; this ensures that they get exclusive benefits.
  • High rollers are also known as VIP players or whales; they are highly sought after in casinos and they are often contacted separately for enrolling them in exclusive benefits programs.
  • Many casinos often offer them special bonus schemes that help them increase their bankroll to wager.
  • Those who are expert in gambling often realize that, by betting large, they increase their chances of making good money; hence, such people like to start off with a generous bankroll to start with.

What Is a High Roller Bonus?

A high roller bonus scheme is similar to a welcome bonus plan. It is different from the usual discount offers since it will have a high entry limit. For instance, No Bonus Casino is a domain that caters to such players. They do not have any bonus offer for joining. However, they offer 10% cash-back for all high rollers. Hence, those who wager high amounts can expect to get back at least 10% of their losses every week. 

Another instance of a high roller bonus is one that offers. They have a generous welcome offer that can get you as much as 2000 EUR along with 200 free spins. All this comes to you through a four-tier welcome package. While the minimum amount to make a deposit is 15 EUR, if you are a high roller you could invest as much as 4000 or 5000 EUR on your first few deposits and get matching bonus money. Hence, it can definitely set you up with a generous bankroll to start playing. What’s more, the withdrawal scheme is also generous. You can withdraw similar amounts every day. With no processing fee and instant processing timelines, it is indeed a welcoming place for high rollers.

Again, any welcome bonus offer can become a high roller bonus. For instance, even if the minimum deposit amount at an online casino is $10, if the limit is $1000, you get identified as a high roller as soon as you make such a deposit. It will not only attract a large amount of bonus money to your account, but you will also become eligible for exclusive perks. For instance, the casinos that have an exclusive VIP program for high rollers will get their customer support representatives to call and set up a preferential membership program with such members.

High Roller Bonuses Are Highways to VIP Programs

There are two broad categories of VIP programs that most casinos have – one category of casinos usually hold rights to offering membership as per their discernment and choice; the other category consists of members gaining comp points and going up the levels of the VIP program.

Either way, when one chooses to sign up and make a large deposit, they are usually identified as high rollers by the casino representatives. In case the casino has a selective VIP program where customers are contacted by the customer care team, they are usually identified and special bonus schemes are mailed to their inbox. On the other hand, if there is a generic welcome policy that a casino follows, as per the terms, a customer will be able to access large bonus amounts as per the percentage match-up policies. Also, they will gain comp points according to the amounts they wager on the games. Hence, in such cases, players with large bankrolls make their way up the VIP ladder quickly and soon become entitled to exclusive benefits.

How Does a High Roller Bonus Work?

If a casino has a separate bonus scheme for high rollers, it would comprise of certain features:

  • It would have a high entry limit; hence, one would probably have to make a minimum deposit of $1000 or more to become eligible for such a bonus.
  • The welcome package would comprise 100% match up money or more, usually as multi-tier bonuses that would work for consecutive deposits as well.
  • Wagering terms would apply, which would be mentioned in the terms of the bonus offer.
  • Such customers would be given privileges such as speedy registration process and instant processing of deposits as well as withdrawals.
  • Customers would be able to withdraw their wins after wagering terms are fulfilled.
  • They would also become eligible for comp points as per the VIP program scheme applicable.

High roller bonuses become the first step for customers to get started on a VIP program. It could also take them to a higher tier on the loyalty program directly. As a result, from the time they sign up and opt for a high roller bonus, they also become eligible for certain perks.

Perks of High Roller Bonuses

Unlike simple bonus offers or promos, if you opt for a high roller bonus, you get certain associated benefits as well:

  • You get to start off with a large deposit; as a result, you have more money to wager on casino games as per terms of the bonus.
  • Usually, there is a time limit and wagering condition that need to be met; as you meet these conditions you also collect comp points that help you go up the ladder of the loyalty program in most casinos.
  • As you gain high levels of the loyalty program of a casino, you get perks such as access to a personal manager for your account, preferential payment terms, lower wagering conditions, invitation to participate in exclusive promos, and offer mailed directly to your inbox.

Hence, the perks of taking up a high roller bonus are that you are instantly recognized as a high-paying member at the casino. Hence, the customer support team will contact you directly to offer you more exclusive perks and benefits to ensure that your bankroll stays high and so does your interest in the casino.

Does a High Roller Bonus Benefit You in the Long Run?

Statistics show that maximum bets on casino games usually yield more returns, as per the RTP mentioned. Hence, those who can afford to create a generous bankroll are encouraged to do so and increase their wagering limits by taking up bonuses. In this way, they have more money to wager on casino games. While returns on slot games are usually volatile, table games provide good returns, especially if you wager high. Also, games such as blackjack and roulette make sense for high roller players since the minimum bets are higher. 

In general, players can expect more wins and returns when they invest high initially. On the other hand, casinos also wish to hold the interest of such players. Hence, those who are looking to invest generously can start with a good amount when they take up a high roller bonus. It also opens up a world of perks and privileges for them. Casino representatives will contact them and cater to their gaming needs as well as ensure that their financial transactions are prompt and hassle-free.  Such customers can expect to see good returns from the games they invest in, climb up the leaderboard fast and gain access to several promos and exclusive benefits.


If you are an experienced gambler and have faith in a casino site regarding its payment terms and fairness policy, it would be beneficial to go large in your initial deposits. This will get you started with a generous bonus offer; get you wagering money that is generous enough to try different games. It also gets you started on the loyalty program and in going up the levels in membership. With personal care and attention, many casinos make high rollers feel special and cared for in such a gambling domain.

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