Cash Back Casino Bonus: How Does it Work?

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Cash Back Casino Bonus: How Does it Work?

Every gambler is aware of the fact that there is risk associated with playing casino games. Some casino games are purely based on luck and if the luck doesn’t support you, money loss is inevitable. However, you can reduce the impact of your losses by opting for cashback bonuses or refund bonuses from the casino. In short, like insurance, it will protect you from money loss that can happen while playing casino games. Casinos offer this rebate to encourage players to continue playing at the casino even if they lose some money. The cashback bonuses from each casino will vary depending on the strategy of the casino.

What Is a Cash Back Casino Bonus?

The cashback system is a typical promotion plan targeting the players at online casino sites. Unlike welcome bonuses, these are not available to all players registering at the site. They are usually limited to loyal players and high rollers. These bonuses are awarded in the form of cash or as credits once a week or once in a fortnight, etc. Some casinos even offer a refund on every bet the player makes at the casino. The amount a player can receive as cashback depends on the casino and the deposit made by the player.

Cashback ensures that the bankroll of the player is not too low. If you are betting regularly at the casino your chances of receiving lots of money as cashback is more. Typically, the cashback percentage from casinos varies from 5% to 20%. There are different types of cashback casino bonuses available from different online sites. Just like any other bonuses they also come with certain terms and conditions.

How Does Cash Back Casino Bonus Work? 

Though each cashback casino bonus will have its own rules, the basic process is the same. With a cashback bonus, you are eligible for a percentage of the money you lost or stake. For example, imagine that the cashback offers from the casino are 5% for the losses incurred in a week. You have deposited $100 and hit a win worth$ 50 and you haven’t received any refund during this period. Then, if you lose your winnings and $50 of your deposit, only $50 will be remaining in your account. You will earn 5% of that $50 that is $2.50 as an incentive.

To be eligible for the bonus, the players need to achieve certain tasks in the game or fulfil some requirements. Most of the casinos offering such bonuses will credit it to your casino account automatically. Some casinos will issue a bonus code to redeem the bonuses. Usually, it is not possible to cash out the bonus money. The player has to wager the deposit and the bonus money a stipulated number of times before they make any cashout. You can also become eligible for a bonus by wagering a specific amount at an online casino. You can also find cashback bonuses with no wagering requirements from established and reputed casinos in your country.

Types of Cash Back Bonuses

  • Cash Back Welcome Bonuses

As the name suggests, this bonus is for the new players registering with the site. When the player opens an account and makes the first deposit, a percentage of their deposit is awarded as an incentive. Online casinos use this bonus as a tool to encourage new players to make deposits at the site.

  • Cash Back on Losses

Casinos clearly understand that players get dejected when money is lost in a game. So, they offer a part of the lost money as cashback to console the players. Players can get up to 20% of their loss as cashback from well-known online gambling sites. It is automatically credited to the player’s account within a specific duration. Most casinos in the U.S will limit cashback on losses to a maximum of $100 per week. In some casinos, the player has to lose a minimum amount set by them to avail of the refund offer.

  • Cash Back Bonus on Total Bet 

This is one of the most electrifying cash back promotions from online gaming sites. The player is eligible to get the offer irrespective of the outcome of the game played by them. The casino will return the total amount wagered by the player at a specific time as cashback. So in a nutshell, the more bets you make at the casino, the more will be the amount returned as an incentive.

  • Reload Bonuses

This is the cashback a player can get after they use the welcome bonus from the casino. Whenever the player reloads the casino account or in other words makes deposits at the casino, a percentage of it is given a refund. The system for this cashback may vary from casino to casino. For example, some operators consider the total deposit made by the player in a limited period to calculate the bonus percentage. There will be a maximum limit for this bonus money. Some casinos limit the reload bonuses, to certain days of the week. The operator will set a fixed percentage as a bonus and there will be a maximum cashout limit. Generally, the percentage given as a cashback bonus for reloads is lower than other such offers.

  • VIP Cash Back

Without a doubt, this cashback is open to the VIP customers of the online casino site. Depending on the loyalty status of the VIP player and the net loss of the player, the bonus percentage may vary.

Rules for Availing Cash Back Casino Bonus

To avail of any kind of casino bonus, you have to be first aware of the terms and conditions. You need to know how much money to wager and which games you can play to qualify for the bonus. The rules for availing bonuses will be available on the casino website. Some offers come with a very low cap and some bonuses get you more money. Also, the player should have some minimum amount in their casino account to avail the incentives. Without this minimum balance, it is not possible to get a payout from the casino.

In short, cash backs are compensation for the money you spent at the online casino. This bonus is ideal for people who don’t want to re-deposit money at the casino very often. You just can use it for extending the present bankroll for a longer period.  

Benefits of Cash Back Casino Bonus

All the gamblers know the fact that bonuses from casinos have a “catch”. As a gambler, you should know how to make the most out of these bonuses. Here are some of the benefits of using cashback bonuses.

The Monetary Value

If you are a member of any online casino you will know the value of a cashback bonus. You get some extra cash through this bonus. You can always use this to top-up your bankroll. 

Opportunity to Play Longer

Cashback bonuses to casino users help them to play the games a little longer. They will be able to wager more without using their money when they get cashback.

Offers Low Risk

Whether you are using a total bet cashback bonus or a welcome cashback bonus, it offers lower risk to your money. New players can also use these bonuses to try different new games. 

Big Returns with Minimum Investment

A cashback bonus helps the low-investment players to get big returns using the extra money they get as a bonus. You will be playing big risk games with this free money. 

No Wagering Requirements

This may not be 100% true, but most cashback bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements to withdraw the money. This is because the refund is offered after the player makes a bet. 

How to Choose Cash Back Bonuses?

There is a broad variety of cashback bonuses the players can make use of at online casino sites. The terms and conditions of using the bonus are different in different casinos. As a gamer, you need to check the cashback offers of multiple casinos before opting to play at their site. Use the following guidelines while selecting the refund casino bonus.

Frequency of Cash Back

Depending on the frequency of cashback offered by the casino the player needs to select the bonus. If you prefer to play daily it is better to opt for casinos offering cashback for every bet or giving daily incentives. Likewise, select weekly or monthly bonuses depending on your playing frequency.

Wagering Requirements

Even though cashback bonuses are considered as a bonus with no wagering requirements some casinos may have some wagering requirements in their rules. So consider this factor before you play and opt for bonuses.

Casino Games for Refund

Generally, casinos will exclude blackjack games from refund offers. Check the website to understand what games are included in the cashback offer and play these games. 

The Refund Cap

The cashback percentage from casinos may vary according to the type of bonus. Even though an operator may have a 100% cashback offer; the maximum refund limit will be capped. So look for the maximum refund amount before you accept the bonus from a casino.

After considering all these aspects, compare the bonuses of the casino sites. Then, select the best bonus suited for your playing style and playing frequency. Make sure that you benefit from using this promotion. Look for cash backs that are offered frequently.


Casino cashback is the best opportunity to recover some money lost through playing games. It is true that the cashback percentages are very small compared to the money you might have lost. When you are playing with high or low bet money, you get a particular percentage back into your account, which is appreciable. Moreover, you do not have to use every cashback offer.

So, if you are playing for fun then you can opt not to use it and if you are looking to win money you can take advantage of these bonuses to increase the chance of winning big money. You can always get the help of customer support to decide on accepting or rejecting a casino bonus. Ultimately what matters is the need of the player to recover money and get benefitted from the bonus. So, choose the cashback casino bonuses wisely after considering all the factors.

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