How Does Deposit Matched Bonuses Work?

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How Does Deposit Matched Bonuses Work?

The casino gaming industry offers different types of benefits and rewards to attract the players to play different casino and slot games. Matched bonuses are casino bonuses that have to be earned through making deposits at casinos or gambling sites. This bonus is only available to real money players. Unlike the no-deposit bonuses, this bonus offers a good amount of extra money to the gamer to bet at the casino.

What Are Deposit Matched Bonuses?

Online casinos use deposit-matched bonuses as sign-up bonuses to lure the players and to make them stay at their sites. To make it clear, a deposit matched bonus reflects the money you place as the first deposit at the casino. When you play a real money game at a casino the stakes can be high and if you are new to gambling, understanding the rules and terms are even more difficult. Hence, the casinos offer this bonus so that the player has a good bankroll to start with. Apart from welcome bonuses, there are other match bonuses offered by some casinos which target frequent or regular players at the site.

Different Types of Matched Bonuses

Gambling sites always want to make sure those new customers, as well as the existing players, choose their site to play their favourite games and so, they offer different bonuses to satisfy each one of them. So, there are match bonuses that act as welcome bonuses to the new players and other types of match bonuses to retain the existing customers. Some of the popular matched bonuses offered by casinos are:

The Multiple Deposit Casino Bonus

In this type of deposit match bonus, the bonus is offered when the player makes 3 or 4 deposits successively. A percentage of the bonus will be matched when you make the first deposit and the remaining part will be matched in successive deposits made at the casino. This means that the player has to return to the casino after the first deposit to play more to get the bonus. 

Free Spin Additions

Some matched bonuses come with free spins. Usually, these free spins will be limited to certain slots at the casino. The number of free spins available as the match bonus depends on the casino and the bonus offered by it. 

Deposit Method Based Bonus

This matched bonus depends on the preferred payment option of the player at the casino. A player can earn 5% to 15% as a matched bonus on the deposit made by them using the preferred method. Generally, payments using Bitcoins have better bonus deals. 

High Roller or VIP Bonus

This matched bonus targets the regular high stake players at the casino. As these players deposit large amounts, the match bonus they receive may reach 50% of the deposit or up to $1000 or higher depending on the casino selected by the player. 

Reload Bonus

Reload match bonus is like a substitute for the sign-up or welcome bonus. Most of the well-established casinos offer a 100% reload match bonus to their existing customers. Especially, this bonus is for players who are subscribed to the casino site. 

How Do Deposit Matched Bonuses Work?

Though it may sound like you are getting free money through this casino bonus, it is not the fact. You need to use some money as a first deposit to earn the bonus. However, you find the bonuses on offer a generous one and it helps to double your deposited money. It is no way possible for the players to deposit a high amount and make it double and leave the casino with the money. To control such activities, casinos limit the maximum amount they offer as a bonus.

To avail of the deposit-matched bonus, a player has to register at an online casino giving all the required details and making the first deposit using any of the payment methods offered by the casino. Further, you need to place bets above a minimum amount to be eligible for the bonus. Usually, you need to bet at least $10 to be eligible for the matched bonus. You find strict terms in place for claiming the bonus if it offers a higher matched bonus percentage. You might come across the wagering requirements or reward to show up when you make the 3rd or 4th deposit etc.

The terms and conditions on offer for availing the bonuses differ from one casino to the other. This monetary bonus depends on the amount deposited by the player or a certain percentage of it. For example, if the casino offers a 100% deposit matched bonus up to $200, the player will receive $200 as extra when they deposit $200. Hence, the total bankroll increases to $400. If you win with this money, you will be using the house money to play further. If you lose, you do not lose anything from your pocket. You can look for information on how to claim the deposit-matched bonus on the casino website. You can avail matched bonus like free spins on certain slots. Hence, think twice before you choose the bonus offers.

How to Select the Best Deposit Matched Bonus?

Each casino or betting site will have its variations of matched bonuses for the new players as well as for the existing players. The players need to select the best bonus offers to make it count the most. The criteria for selecting the bonus should be the quality of the deal. You need to consider the match percentage and maximum free spins offered by the site before you make the first deposit at a betting site. You should also look for wagering needs if any, for claiming the bonus.

As a punter, you should go through the casino betting guidelines to understand the hidden terms and conditions associated with claiming your bonuses. You can also use the casino or sportsbook review sites to find out which sites have the best-matched bonuses that suit your gaming or gambling needs. You need to consider the following things before you accept the deposit matched bonus.

  • Consider the reputation of the casino where you are going to play.
  • Their conditions for using the casino bonuses.
  • Do not select casinos just based on the incentives on offer.
  • Know the wagering requirements for the bonuses.
  • Are the terms and conditions of the casino fair enough?
  • Will you be able to fulfil the wagering requirements within the time limit?
  • What are the other weekly or monthly offers from the casino?
  • On what types of slots can you use the free spins?

How to Make Good Use of Matched Bonuses?

One of the greatest tools that the casinos have to attract the punters to their site is the matched bonuses. It is also the best option for gamblers to acquaint themselves with different casino games. However, you cannot randomly pick or use the deposit match bonuses. More so, if you are low on your betting budget. If you are on a low budget but you want to enjoy the bonus then you need to select the casinos that accept the minimum amount as a deposit. Strategically, you can trigger the match bonus using $10 to $20 as the first deposit and making successive lower amount deposits. 

Benefits of Deposit Matched Bonus

Deposit matched bonuses are beneficial to both high rollers and punters with low stakes. They benefit the new players as well as the present subscribers. Here are some of the benefits of using deposit matched bonuses. 

  • It gives players the freedom to choose the betting amount according to their bankroll.
  • The players get a chance to play different games at a casino without fear of losing money.
  • Helps the players to play for a longer time at the casino and this will increase their winning chances.
  • It is highly beneficial for first-time real money players to understand the gameplay.
  • Playing with bonus money can open new opportunities and other free benefits for the player.
  • You make a profit by winning from the casino bonus. Even if you lose, it does not affect you in any way as you have played with bonus money.
  • Whether the punter decides to make low amount deposits or high amount deposits, both will receive the best percentage as a bonus to match the deposit.


Deposit match bonuses are indeed the right option to increase your bankroll before you start playing games at a casino. However, it is important to be careful about the strings attached to the offer. Make sure that the process of withdrawing the winnings from bonuses is simple and wagering requirements are easy to attain. To make the most of your match bonus, reading the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to accept the bonus is crucial. Always look for good bonuses that offer a decent amount of money and minimum wagering requirements. Apart from these, the bonus should apply to diverse types of casino games.

Every casino has its terms and conditions for issuing the bonus amounts and you should compare the different casino bonuses before you select the casino to play a particular title. Look for a certified site that offers a wide range of games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, video slots, and progressive jackpots. Even though the match percentage may vary for different matched bonuses like the first deposit bonus, reload bonus, or VIP bonus, they do offer some free money for the players to have more entertainment and big wins if they are fortunate.

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