How to Use a Referral Bonus in a Casino?

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How to Use a Referral Bonus in a Casino?

If you are wondering how a referral bonus works, it is all about referring your friends or acquaintances to sign up at a casino where you are already a member. For instance, if you are already a member at a casino and have utilized the bonuses they have on offer, a referral scheme can be just what you need to get another juicy promo or some cash to step up your wagering limits.

How Does the Referral Program Work?

In most cases, referral programs are all about referring to others by sending a link. As they use the link you send across to sign up and register an account, you will gain a referral bonus on your end. Hence, all you need to do is be a member first at the casino you wish to refer to others. Indeed, it is the first step to know how reliable a gambling domain is and how enjoyable the whole gambling experience. Indeed, in this competitive world of casinos, you would want to refer to a site that has unique promos, easy payment terms, and other advantages that give them an edge over others. That is how you can also convince others to sign up and be members of the site.

Once you have referred a person and he or she has signed up with the link provided, you will automatically receive a referral amount. This can be bonus money or free spins, depending on the kind of referral promotion that a particular website offers. Also, there would be terms associated with the money or spins. However, on the whole, it is more money for you to get to do what you love most, that is gamble on your favourite casino games.

Why Would You Refer Your Friends to a Casino?

If you have come across a gambling domain that has given you rich rewards and an exciting gaming experience, it is certainly a site that you would want to share knowledge of. With a referral program, not only can you spread the word but also get rewarded for the same. 

A casino that members favour usually showcases the following qualities typically:

  • It has bonus schemes and promotions that are exciting and varied.
  • Wagering terms are reasonable, allowing members to complete the terms easily and withdraw their wins.
  • Payment terms and options are convenient.
  • Withdrawal timelines are swift.
  • Casino games sections and variety are extensive; players can enjoy new games and releases every week.
  • Personalized offers are mailed to member inboxes directly, such as promos or bonuses on birthdays.
  • A point-based loyalty program that allows players to climb up the rungs and get exclusive privileges and benefits.

If you are enjoying membership at such a casino site, why not tell your friends about it? Chances are that the website has a great referral program as well. Hence, all you need to do is send the referral link to as many friends and like-minded acquaintances as possible. You could even encourage them to sign up by giving them assurances about the reliability of a site. Indeed, the personal experiences of customers are valuable for all referrals. With such convincing testimonies, some of your referees are sure to sign up and make you proud. Also, you will end up with great referral bonuses.

Do All Casinos Have Referral Bonuses?

That is a question you need to look into. Not all casinos have the option for members to earn bonuses by referring to others. Of course many do and you would do well to know about them from before.

Referral Codes at Promo Sites

Many gambling domains have referral codes that you can enter at the time of signing up. These are often available at promo forums. You can use such codes at the time of signing up at a casino site. That way, you get started with a great discount offer. 

Refer a Friend Bonus

You could also research and know about the different referral schemes available at different sites. For instance, Voodoo Dreams is a reputed casino that has a referral program in place for its members. It offers loyalty points to its members when new members sign up under their reference. With the loyalty points, you can climb up higher on the loyalty program and earn exclusive benefits and privileges.

Lilibet casino is another gambling domain where you can get Refer a Friend Bonus. Here you get a minimum cash prize of 20 EUR when you make a minimum deposit of 20 EUR. It is a scheme that is available for new as well as existing players. Hence, once a friend joins up using your referral link, you can enjoy the match-up bonus money with the minimum deposit mentioned. Also, you would need to wager the bonus amount at least 30 times before you can withdraw your wins.

How to Generate a Referral Link?

Once you have registered as a member at a casino with a referral program, you can take the following steps to get started on using the referral link:

  • Log into your account on the casino website.
  • Click on the tab that says “Refer a Friend”.
  • This will generate a referral link.
  • Send across the link to a friend inviting him or her to register as a member; most casinos have a worded sentence ready for the referral link.
  • Most casinos award the bonus only after the referred friend completes the registration process and makes the initial deposit.
  • In such casinos there is no limit to the number of times you can refer a friend; hence, if you can refer multiple people who sign up, you will end up with a tidy bonus sum.

Referrals Also Get Bonuses

Another great aspect of referrals joining up is that they also end up enjoying freebies. Indeed, many casinos make it exciting for new members to join up through referral links. Hence, you could be introducing your friends to a world of free spins, cash allowance in their welcome package, more than what other new members normally get. Hence, it is definitely a plus to get started at a casino site by being a referral. 

Types of Referral Bonuses

There are certain types of bonuses that are available as referral schemes:

  • Some casinos award loyalty points to the members through whose referral links are used by new members.
  • Some casinos award free cash to referrals along with the referees.
  • refer a friend bonus could also be in the form of a match up bonus money; here you need to make a minimum deposit to get the bonus; you would also need to wager the same for a certain number of times.
  • Some casinos award free spins to the members who make successful references. Of course, these free spins come with certain conditions. For instance, once you win the referral bonus scheme, to avail of the same, you would need to make a minimum deposit. Also, to withdraw your winnings from free spins you need to wager the wins a certain number of times.

With so many refer-a-friend bonus schemes available, you would surely want to select one that seems most lucrative. Indeed, the bonuses that pay both referral and referee are definitely attractive since it gives the referee an incentive to join up as well. On the other hand, bonuses that come free or with minimal restrictions or wagering terms are also more attractive.

Benefits of Referral Schemes

There are several associated benefits that make such bonus schemes attractive:

  • It creates a win-win situation for both parties; not only do you get benefited when you refer someone, but the person being referred to also gets certain discount offers as well.
  • Word of mouth from a reference is also an indication that the site is worth signing up for; hence those who refer others to a site are usually members who are happy with the casino.
  • Word of mouth or recommendations from members of a casino usually works well for the website; they are sure to get good reviews and ratings when new members sign up as references.
  • Referral schemes are like getting another category of bonuses; hence, if you are a member at a casino and are hunting for good deals, this is another way to get extra cash, free spins, or loyalty points.


Referral bonuses come of many uses. Hence, casinos that have referral schemes are more lucrative for their members. Those who are members and are happy with a site are sure to use such schemes. Also, those who join up through referral links also get some benefit from the new site. Hence, it is a win-win situation for both parties. Of course, not all casinos have such a scheme in place. Again, some have a good referral program linked to their VIP program and loyalty points for members. Casinos that wish to build on their reputation and loyalty of members need to focus and design a comprehensive and beneficial referral scheme. It should also be actively marketed among existing members with many benefits.

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