Online Casino Free Spins Bonuses: An Expert Guide

3rd December 2023 by admin

Online Casino Free Spins Bonuses: An Expert Guide

One of the most popular games in the online casino world is slot games. Sure, there are a number of table games and other popular titles that you can play over the internet but the gambling market is primarily dominated by slots. Visit a casino and compare the number of slot games available with the other games. You will see that the slot titles outnumber the other game. This is the reason Free Spins is the most sought-after bonus feature that is looked for by punters when they choose an online casino to play. 

No wonder casinos use this information to their advantage when they have to attract players to their site. Free Spins bonuses serve as the primary lure to bait gamblers. 

In this expert guide, you will learn everything about Free Spins bonuses provided by online casinos. 

Introduction to Free Spins Bonus

Free Spins Bonus is the casino offer that gives you Free Spins for its whole range of slot games or specific slot games. These offers can be divided into two main categories. 

  • No Deposit Free Spins

A casino will provide Free Spins Bonus to a gambler who signs up at the site for the first time without the need to make a deposit. The offer is given with the sole requirement that the punter registers a profile at the site. 

  • Deposit Bonus and Free Spins

Often, Free Spins are combined with deposit bonuses. It means when you make a deposit, the gambling site is going to match the deposit to a specific percentage. This will give you additional playing credits along with a certain number of Free Spins. A few casinos even give additional Free Spins for subsequent deposits, up to 3-4 times following the initial deposit. 

Generally, the deposit bonus doesn’t offer less than 10 Free Spins. However, often they exceed over 100 extra spins. When it comes to the no deposit Free Spins bonus, you can win fewer Free Spins. A few gambling sites might even opt to give further Free Spins for making subsequent deposits, up 3-4 times following the initial deposit. 

However, casino bonuses aren’t only offered when you are new to the site. Often, the sites make use of these tools to make sure that you return. So, you can win Free Spins in the following scenarios, too. 

  • When you are a loyal place and you win Free Spins as special bonuses.
  • At times an online gambling site that is trying to promote certain series or titles, they are going to offer Free Spins bonus for promoting those games. These can be in the form of deposit bonus special or no deposit bonuses.
  • You might be randomly chosen to receive this kind of bonus for the gambling site for keeping in touch or to attract you to become a regular gambler on their platform.

The Free Spins aims to help you produce wins but before you use this keep in mind that there are certain terms and conditions attached to it. Also, you might not be able to cash out all your wins. 

Rules and Playthrough Requirement for Free Spins

In the case of casino bonuses, the terms to cash out on wins generated by the bonuses often come with terms and conditions. Drawing on wins you have made isn’t so straightforward. 

In a majority of the cases, the wins you earn have to be rolled over a number of times at the site before they release the fund. Generally, this means betting the wins between 20-100 times prior to qualifying for a withdrawal. 

Some casinos also have withdrawal limits. This can also hamper you're cashing out on the full wins. A majority of the Free Spins bonus has caps for withdrawals. Make sure you know what these are rather than being disappointed. 

So, make sure that you know the terms and conditions of the bonus before you sign up for a casino and activate it. If you fail to read it you might be discouraged as you might fail to notice that there was an expiry date on the bonus or that it is restricted to a certain game. 

Steps to Claim the Free Spins Bonus

The first step to avail of the Free Spins Bonus is to Register an Account on your preferred gambling site. Now, if the site offers Free Spins Bonus, it will either be added to your account automatically or have a ‘Click Here to Claim’ button. Nevertheless, if you receive a promo through email, it will come with an activation code. You can enter this when you have to claim the bonus. In case it requires you to make a deposit for activating it, go over to the deposit section to deposit the required amount. 

Tips to Use Free Spins Bonus

Here are a few tips you need to follow when you use the Free Spins bonus in an online casino. 

  • As stated before, read the terms and conditions of every bonus prior to applying.
  • Don’t try to register into a casino with multiple accounts to receive multiple Free Spins offers. Remember, the casinos are professional establishments with means and ways of securing themselves. If you get caught, you might lose all your reward and also be blacklisted by the site.
  • Before you claim the specific slot bonus, you should try it out in the free mode. With this, you can ensure that the volatility isn’t too high and keep away the machine from eating your funds.
  • Look for slot games that come with a low variance to use the bonus. This is because these slots don’t drain your bankroll that easily.
  • Avoid jumping on the bonuses. Generally, you have 24 hours to make the claim for them.

Final Words

So, if you are a fan of online casino slots, you should look for sites that will provide you with Free Spins bonus. It can bolster your bankroll and let you play for a longer period of time. You have the opportunity to trigger great wins without even investing your own money.

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